4 Types of Content to Boost Your SEO

When quality content is a key ingredient to your SEO strategy, you’re constantly working on creating and publishing. It’s what drives people to a website, keeps them there, and what encourages them to provide their contact information to become a lead. However, not everyone consumes content the same way, which is why a variety of [...]


4 Key Areas to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

From the first click on your website to the delivery of the product, business owners own the customer experience. Customer experience isn’t solely limited to when customers interact with your team; it encompasses the entire experience a customer has when interacting with your business. With more businesses being launched online, how does one manage the [...]

The Elite 8 of Small Business Podcasts

As a professional, continuing to develop yourself is critical to success. We attend conferences to listen to expert speakers; read articles and pour over case studies; and follow the advice influencers share in books and online. One of the most efficient tools in our arsenal of growing our knowledge is podcasting. Many of experienced thought [...]

Reaching Online Shoppers to Grow Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

Having a successful brick-and-mortar store is a proud accomplishment, but if holiday sales were slow for your business, your goals for 2017 might include ways to improve or expand. One possible strategy is online retailing. According to retail research firm Conlumino, in 2016, “online sellers dominated with a 17.1 percent increase in sales, while stores [...]

Brands, Handle Negative Criticism on Social Media Like a Champ

Social media is a wonderful tool to connect with loyal fans and potential customers directly and organically. It’s also a perfect opportunity for consumers to air their grievances, in both positive and negative ways. When the latter happens, it’s important for brands to have a plan in place to separate the trolls from the real-life [...]