stephanie-onken-daughter-oh-so-sociableWelcome! My name is Stephanie Onken, and I am the owner of Oh So Sociable.

The Story

OSS was born out of the simple fact that I was frustrated. I was in a position that I loved, but tired of how the business was being run. I didn’t like seeing high fees for simple tasks and clients being taken advantage of. That mentality wasn’t for me, so I decided to create my own business, built on the mutual business goals of growth and success for all involved. I live, and work, by the golden rule: treat others as you’d like to be treated.

About Me

I grew up on a small farm in southern Minnesota, and my very first job was helping my father on the farm with hogs. I graduated high school in a class of 33, and attended the University of Minnesota, Crookston. I graduated from UMC in 2010 with a B.S. in Communication, B.S. in Business Management, and a minor in Marketing.

From there, I’ve worked a little bit everywhere – managing a $4 million territory for a Fortune 500 company to managing the launch of a major network television show in New York to overseeing the communications for an international franchising firm. And through it all, the small-town mentality of help your neighbor and the farmer’s hard-working ethic have stuck with me.

I am mom to a spunky and sassy two-(going-on-14)-year-old, and in my spare time love cooking and exploring the indoor and outdoor parks with her that the Minneapolis/St. Paul area offers.

Why Choose OSS?

I am real, authentic, and here for you. Unlike large-scale social media companies, I have the benefit of being a solopreneur – which is your benefit, too! My plans are custom built around your needs and goals, and I work within the means of your budget. No pushy sales tactics, no sudden price increases, no secondhand motives. Just me, you, and your business success.

I’m here to share with you my knowledge and experience working with celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, executives, television hosts, high profile speakers, and best-selling authors. Trust me, you’re in good hands!

Never hesitate to reach out and ask me questions! Who knows, your question might end up as a blog post! Email me at stephanie.onken@hotmail.com, and let’s get social on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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