2020 Social Media Marketing Calendar for Veterinary Clinics

As the end of the year (and decade) draws to a close, it’s time to plan out the next years fresh, fun, and exciting marketing campaigns. Veterinary team members wear many different hats, so researching the upcoming fun holiday and observances to plan your campaigns around can be challenging. Veterinary Hospitals Association has put together its 2020 Social Media Marketing Calendar for Veterinary Clinics. It’s an all-in-one calendar with holidays and observances applicable for veterinary clinics, along with suggested social media activation ideas each month!

Think Outside the Box

January is Adopt-a-Rescued Bird Month. If your veterinary clinic treats avian friends, feature these services on your clinics’ social media profiles as well as in a blog post on your website. By adding this information as a blog post on your website, you’re giving Google and other search engines content to crawl and show to potential new clients when they’re searching for veterinary services.

Apply the same concept to Serpent Day (February 1), Hedgehog Day (February 2), National Ferret Day (April 2), and others throughout the year.

Doctor’s Day is March 30. Take photos of your veterinarians behind-the-scenes and share them on social media. Your followers will enjoy seeing their friendly faces and you’ll enjoy the engagement you’ll get on the posts!

If your clinic closes for holidays, such as Memorial Day (May 25), Thanksgiving (November 26), or others, make sure to update your Google My Business listing, website hours, and share an update on your social media pages.

This post originally published on December 24, 2019. To view the full post and to download the calendar, please visit Veterinary Hospitals Association.