2017 Unique Holiday Calendar for Veterinary Clinics

As part of a developed marketing plan for veterinary clinics, consideration must be given to the fun, unique, and bizarre holidays that have been established outside of the traditional holiday schedule. These days, like National Lost Dog Awareness Day on April 23 or National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day on August 22, are perfect opportunities to reach out to your target market in an entertaining manner. You can share educational information for pet parents to utilize, like developing a family plan to deal with natural disasters like flooding or earthquakes during September for National Disaster Preparedness Month. You can also keep it lighthearted and share fun photos of cat’s being herded with a motivational message to clients for Cat Herder’s Day on December 15.

Consider the special days most important and relevant to your veterinary clinic and develop a marketing strategy you can step-and-repeat for every event. Such strategies can include:

  • One Facebook post per event;
  • Two Tweets with appropriate hashtag per event;
  • One graphic (which you can create with Canva for free!) to utilize across social media;
  • A brief fun or informational blog you can post to your website;
  • And a brief email to send to your clients alerting them of the special day, why it’s important, and a call to action to visit your clinic if appropriate.

Not sure what would work for your clinic? Important holidays and special months to pay attention to can include:

  • January 2: National Pet Travel Safety Day (How can pet owners keep their pets safe while traveling by car or plane?)
  • February: Pet Dental Month (Why is it important to have your pet’s teeth regularly checked, and a call-to-action to set up an appointment today.)
  • February 28: World Spay Day (Help control the pet population by spaying your cats and dogs.)
  • March 19 – 25: National Poison Prevention Week (What can pet owners do to ensure their pets are safe in their home? What are some uncommon things that can be poisones to pets?)
  • April: National Heartworm Awareness Month (What damage can be done by heartworm and a call-to-action to come to their veterinarian for preventative medicine)
  • May: National Chip Your Pet Month (Call-to-action to get pets microchipped) & Lyme Disease Prevention Month (call-to-action to have preventative medicine)
  • June: National Best Friends Day (Share photos of your clients and their best friends)
  • July: National Hot Dog Day (Perfect for sharing fun photos of dogs in hot dog costumes!)
  • August: National Immunization Awareness Month (Reinforce the importance of preventative care for pets)
  • September: World Rabies Day (Discuss the importance of rabies vaccinations for pets and how often pets should be vaccinated with a call-to-action to schedule an appointment today)
  • October 15 – 21: National Veterinary Technician Week (Great way to feature and thank your team for their hard work!)
  • November 23: Thanksgiving (What not to share with your pet from the Thanksgiving table)
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve (Time to thank your clients and patients for making the whole year so successful)

Download the full list of unique, fun, and important pet holidays for all of 2017 in a handy 12-month calendar that your veterinary clinic can utilize in your marketing strategy all year long.

This article first appeared on the Veterinary Hospitals Association website in February 2017.

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