Don’t Be the Boogeyman: Are You Scaring Away Top Talent?

This article first appeared on Salesforce on October 28. To read the full article, please visit Salesforce.

In the movies, horror greats Michael, Jason, Freddie are all great at what they do – mainly scaring the wits out of movie viewers. But even they have their Achilles heels that lead to their eventual downfalls. Every company has their own Achilles heels as well, whether it’s a great story but lack of PR, or great product but lack of marketing.

For some, it’s keeping quality, talented team members on staff. It is an ever-delicate balancing act for management – delicate, but not impossible. So why is it so many companies have such a hard time with it? What are they doing that is spooking talented employees to run for the hills – or worse, the competition? Is it that their managers are the embodiment of the Wicked Witch of the West or Hades himself?

Whatever the case may be, companies spend big dollars for outside help to come in and audit the situation, but rarely do these companies – and leaders – stop before they do so to internally assess the situation. Sure, they may ask colleagues and other team members what happened or what needed to be changed, but are they getting truly honest answers? And are they taking time to internally question their own actions and decisions as well? Often, one doesn’t need to go too far or dig too deep to discover the real roots of the problem.

To read the full post, please visit Salesforce.

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