Grow Your Twitter Followers … Organically

Twitter has made it pretty clear that you’re only allowed to follow so many people (2,000) before they cap you out. In order to increase the amount of people you can follow, you have to have relatively the same amount of people following you back. Pretty ingenious!

There are hundreds of strategies you can use to grow your Twitter followers, and even that many more tools. One strategy that should always be front and center is to produce great quality content that keeps people coming back for more. The second? Returning the love you get from folks with follow backs, favorites, replies, and retweets.

But it can be troublesome and time consuming to keep track of who you should follow back, who’s a spam account, who’s a troll, and who will never follow you.

manageflitter-screenshotI’ve recently discovered an amazing new tool that is helping me grow my client’s Twitter followers relatively quickly – and more importantly – organically. No, it’s not buying followers – that’s heavily frowned upon and not very cool! I’m talking about ManageFlitter, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to work smarter and faster on Twitter.

This is not a sponsored post. This is an honest-to-goodness review of a tool that I will utilize from here till eternity.

ManageFlitter allows me to quickly organize who is following me, who isn’t following me back, people who are inactive, who are spam accounts, foreign accounts, and more. I can go through and add hundreds of people to a ‘follow back’ list, and hundreds of people to an ‘unfollow’ list. Using ManageFlitter, I’ve started cleaning up client’s follow lists (that were in the 60,000s), unfollowing spam accounts, inactive accounts, and those who aren’t following back.

It’s pretty clear why I would want to unfollow spammy or inactive accounts, but why follow those who won’t follow back? Because you have a limited amount of people you can follow. Make it count by following those who are following you or who would follow you. By increasing the amount of people following you, you can increase the amount of people you can follow. So your goal should be to follow people who are going to return the favor. Win-win for everyone!

Another reason why you should be managing your follow and unfollows is because each follow you give should be meaningful. I don’t mean to sound too sentimental but think of it like this – if you loved that your favorite brand started following you back, how do you think your fans feel when you follow them back? It’s a quick and easy way to increase loyalty, and you can keep increasing it with every favorite, retweet, and reply.

Check out ManageFlitter and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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